When visiting Prince Edward Island don't miss the opportunity to visit the sea side town of Souris and area.

From the time you get your first view of this picturesque town you will be mesmerized by the natural beauty. It's where the land, sea and sky come together giving you a view worth stopping for.

While you're visiting be sure to check out our sites and island cuisine; some of the islands finest. Island crafts can be found from Souris to East Point. There is a lot to see and do in Souris and the surrounding area.

In July there is a Sea Glass Festival held for all those people who love to search the shores for those treasures. Here is a story written by Anita St. Denis committee member of the sea glass2013 festival…….Anita has written an article about Sea glassing on PEI for the site Sea Glass Journal

If you are a golfer then try out the Rollo Bay Greens it is a great 9 Hole course.
There are two distilleries in the Souris area; one is on the south side and the other on the north side of Route 16.

Then there are our beaches...Imagine walking for miles on white sand dune beaches there are ten or more in the eastern region. If you have never been to the "Singing Sands" beach then be sure to stop off at Basin Head beach. Just shuffle your feet when you hit the sand and it will sing for you! Don't stop there be brave and jump off the bridge into the run...

East Point Lighthouse is a must ... climb to the top and view a spectacular 360 degree picture. Don't stop yet continue around the tip and head to the "Tuna Capital of the World", North Lake. Deep-sea fishing, tuna fishing, restaurant, beach and more will be waiting for you. If you are there during tuna fishing then be sure to check in with the Harbour Master to see if any fisherman is bringing in a tuna ....worth the trip to see this magnificent fish weighing anywhere from 400 lbs to 1400 lbs. Imagine having one of them on your line!!! We do have trout for those less venturesome.

Just down the road from North Lake is Elmira, the end of the line... That is what it was known as during the railway period of PEI. The start of the rail system was in Tignish and it made its way to Elmira across the island. When the railway was stopped on PEI the government decided to pull up all the tracks and make the Confederation Trail, a walking and biking trail. It travels all across the island ending at Elmira. You can pick-up the trail in Souris on Route 305 as well as at the end of the line and throughout many of the island towns and villages.

As you visit the different areas of PEI you will come across replicas of the railway stations. Elmira museum, which is at the end of the line, has its history on display. You can get a tour of the station as it was years ago and the children can ride on a wooden train. This Rail to Trails system is great for biking and walking all through the country side.

Our heritage red dirt roads are beautiful to drive through or bike. Great canopy of trees will provide natural tunnels as you travel down the roads. This type of beauty is hard to find unless you ask a local...where can I find the "Glenn", he might even be able to tell a folklore or two about the stills that ran years ago in the woods off the Glenn or the witch everyone was afraid of.

Here is another tad bit of information. If you want to see a lily pond in its full glory then head out of Souris on the route 16 East and take your left on to the 302 called the Baltic Road.

Clam digging….Grab a shovel/fork and bucket and head for the sand bars, which are on the south side along the Northumberland Strait. Fortune, Rollo Bay, right at the causeway of Souris and at Basin Head, you have to wait for low tide. If there is a full moon then watch for the large bar clams they are a treat. Now here is a little tip, don't eat them right away... fill your bucket with the water where you got the clams and let them sit over night (or for at least a few hours). They will spit out the sand that they have inside and you will have a much more enjoyable feast!

Fresh seafood is in abundance in Souris, oysters, lobster, scallops, haddock just to get you interested... after all we are a seaside town.

When you’re in the Souris area and need information just stop one of the locals they are always happy to help. After all we are "the friendliest folks around"!