> Town Of Souris - Eastern Prince Edward Island


Souris Area Welcoming Committee!

To have good neighbors, we need to be a good neighbor.

"Are you new to the Souris area?

If you are, we would love to welcome you. Retiring, moving here for work, starting a business, buying a summer home...we are just so happy that you decided to move to Souris and Eastern PEI . We are a group of local residents who feel it is extremely important to not just be friendly but also welcoming. If you would allow us, we would like to offer a symbol of our welcoming spirit by delivering a basket of local goodies, other gifts and some local information that will help with your transition. Let us know your name, family information (if you have kids), address, a good time to drop by and we will come and deliver an old-fashioned welcome basket right to your door.

Not every one will want to request a welcome basket so if you happen to know of anyone that is new to the area, please just let us know and we will follow up.

To request a welcome basket or to let us know of someone new to the area, please email us at wbailey@sourispei.com or call (902) 213-3421