Artisans on Main Online Store

Artisans on Main Online Store

For now you can shop online at We will post further details of when our store will be open to the public soon!!!


Flushable Wipes - To Flush or Not To Flush????

Notice to TOWN OF SOURIS Residents Flushing that ‘flushable’ wipe?? Not so fast. . . When you need to get rid of something unpleasant, your first reflex may be to flush it down the toilet and forget about it. But it’s after you push the lever that it can become a problem. A BIG problem.

Proposed Amendment to Town of Souris Elections Bylaw

Proposed Amendment to Town of Souris Elections Bylaw

Souris Town Council is proposing to amend their Elections Bylaw to include a Nomination Deposit Fee.  See Sections 20.2 – 20.4 on within the DRAFT TO AMENDED BYLAW 2018-01 FIRST READING WAS MADE BY COUNCIL JANUARY 13, 2020 AND APPROVED. A SECOND READING IS REQUIRED.  PUBLIC WILL BE NOTIFIED PRIOR TO MEETING FOR SECOND READING

Souris Town Council Monthly Meetings

Souris Town Council Monthly Meetings

Souris Town Council meets regularly every month on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00pm.  As always the public is welcome to attend. If you have an issue or request you would like brought up at the meeting you must submit in writing to the Chief Administrative Officer prior to the Friday preceding the

PEI Wildlife Federation

Souris and Area PEI Wildlife Federation

  The Souris & Area Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation Feel free to contact us at (902) 687-4115,or at for more information.

Emergency Preparedness

Are you Prepared for an Emergency?

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR AN EMERGENCY? You should have a Plan Having an emergency plan will save time and make real situations less stressful. It will help everyone know what to do in case of an emergency. Once you have a plan, make sure you share it with your family or others who can provide

Town of Souris Bylaw #2018-01 A Bylaw to Regulate Municipal Elections

A Bylaw to Regulate Municipal Elections

The Province of Prince Edward Island has enacted the new Municipal Government Act (MGA) and the MGA requires the passage of several new bylaws by the municipalities governed under the MGA;  Therefore: The Town of Souris proposes to adopt Bylaw #2018-01, A Bylaw to Regulate Municipal Elections;  First Reading will be at September 10, 2018 Council

Souris Citizens on Patrol

Souris Citizens on Patrol

Souris Citizens on Patrol will be ramping up their patrols in June and going into the summer months.  More volunteers are needed.  It is not a huge commitment, some volunteers do 1 or 2 shifts a month, some do more.  You get to pick your schedule.  Some of our more experienced members will gladly provide

Mousetales Newsletter

Mousetales Newsletter Deadline for entries, ad's etc.

Deadline for advertising your event in the Mousetales newsletter is the 20th of each month at 12:00pm, except December when it is the 15th. You can sign up to automatically receive an electronic version of Mousetales on our Home page. Please contact Joeanne Roche (902) 687-2157, ext 0. To keep up-to-date on community events and news,

Beach Entrance Sign

Welcome to Souris Sign

The Welcome to Souris digital sign at the entrance to Town is for non-profit organizations to inform the community of events.  Our schedule is booked sometimes months in advance, so once you know your dates for an event call us to see if space is available. Town-sponsored events will take priority.  We cannot guarantee any length

50 Phenomenal Beaches!

Mobile App - 50 Beaches

Explore over 400 kms of unspoiled beauty in Eastern PEI. The uncrowded roads will bring you to some of the most beautiful coastlines and natural beaches. Along with the most amazing beaches, this region is rich in culture and history with distinctive lighthouses, parks with great vistas and red clay heritage roads. Look for the

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