Friends of Souris Beach and Gateway Park

We are forming a group “Friends of Souris Beach and Gateway Park”.  If there is anyone in the Eastern Kings area that would like to join with us you are more than welcome.  Either contact myself (Doreen Gallant) or leave your name with the Town of Souris.

We will be a pro-active group, striving to grow this venue, along with what we now have in place.  The facility is a gem and it shows in the amount of visitors that stop there.

To help make it grow we need new ideas and incentives.  There is a lot of positive feedback about forming this group.  We would like to carry on this legacy and see it grow.

We would like to hear any ideas and concerns.  This group can be a sounding board to help make a positive outcome.

There are three workers hired by the Town, a supervisor and two students, for regular cleanup of the beach and facility.  They are doing a great job and we do appreciate it.

Residents take great pride in their surroundings, we see them picking up the debris on the beach and we appreciate and admire them for doing this.  The workers can’t get everything.  The young people also respect this venue as seen in the regular spring cleanup and the schools coming out to help, along with the Souris and Area Wildlife Assoc.  With this positive interaction of young and mature people we do keep our little piece of heaven beautiful.

We are just getting our feet wet, so to speak.  Please bear with us and you may see more things happening at Souris Beach and Gateway Park.

Doreen Gallant, (902) 687-3075

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