Application for Development Permit – Town of Souris

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  • Consult the Fee Schedule for development permit fees. All fees can be paid at the Souris Town Hall.
  • 1. Contact Information

  • 2.

  • Property tax number of property being developed:
  • 3. Purchase Information

  • 4. Proposed Use

  • 5. Property Location and Size

  • Street/Ave the property is located on:
  • Side of the street the property is located on
  • between the Property of
  • and the Property of
  • Width along road:
  • Property or lot depth
  • Property or lot depth
  • 6. Development Information

  • 7. Moving a Building (if applicable)

  • 8.

  • 9.

  • 10.

  • 11. Development Plans

  • Every application for development shall be accompanied by plans, in duplicate, drawn to an appropriate scale showing:

    1. the true shape and dimensions of the lot to be used, and upon which it is proposed to erect any building or structure;
    2. the proposed location, height and dimensions of the building, structure, or work in respect of which the permit is applied for;
    3. a plan of the buildings showing the floor area, ceiling height, and windows;
    4. the location of every building or structure already erected on or partly on such lot, and the location of every building upon contiguous lots;
    5. the proposed location and dimensions of parking spaces, loading spaces, driveways, and landscaping area; and
    6. other such information as may be necessary to determine whether or not every such building, development, reconstruction
    7. redevelopment conforms to the requirements of this By-law.
    8. where council is unable to determine whether the proposed development conforms to the By-law and other by-laws regulations in force which affect the proposed development he/she may require that the plans submitted under sub-section 1 be based upon an actual survey by a Provincial Land Surveyor.
    9. Application will be processed only after all information requested is submitted.

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    • 12. Site Plans

    • Draw a site plan showing:

      1. dimensions of your lot;
      2. existing and proposed buildings;
      3. distance between buildings;
      4. distance to property lines and centre of road;
      5. location of driveway, well, septic, and absorption field;
      6. slope of land (indicated by arrows).

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      • The applicant is required to conform to all laws, federal, provincial and municipal governing construction. Issuing of a development permit by the municipality shall in no way relieve the applicant from this responsibility.

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