Where To Eat In Souris – Town of Souris

Where To Eat In Souris

If you want to truly experience someplace, you have to do more than just drive through and look at the sights. You have to experience what it offers for food. That doesn’t have to mean fine dining and haute cuisine. That means discovering what the local area produces and finding those unique food outlets.

Prince Edward Island is a culinary hub and Souris is definitely a place to experience great food. A rural town, bordered by rolling farmland, local produce is the backbone of the area. But the real heartbeat of the town comes from the open water to the south of the town. Souris is driven by the fishery, from its opening in early spring through boats being hauled on land before winter sets in.  Life in Souris is driven by the sea and that is reflected in its food. Fresh seafood is in abundance in Souris, as you would expect from a town that has been the centre of a bustling fishing industry for so long.

With a combination of long-established food outlets and newer offerings, Souris offers a wonderful selection to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Whether you are looking for the little take-out where the locals hang out, a lounge with a storied history or the latest locally-inspired offerings from a world-renowned chef, you can find it in Souris.

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