Development By-law Table of Contents

Zoning and Subdivision Control (Development) By-law 2010-02

Elections Bylaw  By-law 2018-01

Road Closing – Perth Street By-law 2010-01

By-law Enforcement Officer By-law 2007-03

Municipal Offence Ticket By-law 2007-2

Road Closing – Reserve Street By-law 2007-1

Parking and Traffic Control By-law 2004-11

Off-Highway Vehicles By-law 2004-08

Dangerous, Hazardous & Unsightly Premises By-law 2004-07

Nuisance and Noise Control By-law 2004-06

Companion Animal Control By-law 2004-05

Snowmobiles By-law 95-4

Indemnification By-law 95-3

Sewer and Water Connection By-law 95-1

Fire Department By-law 94-2

Sewer and Water Utility By-law 94-1

Knights Avenue By-law 89-4

Signage to Main Highway By-law 86-11

Town Emblem By-law 86-10

Garbage Burning By-law 85-4

Honorarium By-law 85-3

Municipal Emergency Measures Plan By-law 85-2

Loitering and Curfew for Minors By-law 85-1

Licensing of Certain Businesses By-law 84-1

Breakwater and Parkside Street By-law 80-07

Town Seal By-law 80-2

Procedural By-law 80-1

Naming of Streets and Numbering of Houses By-law 76-1

Proposed Zoning Map November 2009

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